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Shop Drones For Video & Pictures with features such as FPV, GPS, Dual Cameras, 50X Zoom, 4K Resolution, Folding Body, Headless Mode, One Key Return, Gesture Interaction, Trajectory Flight, Optical Flow, Smart Follow, Gravity Sensor, Beautify Filters, WiFi Transmission & more.

  • First person view (FPV)
    A technology that allows the person controlling the drone to observe the flight, as if they’re in the aircraft. FPV is possible because the camera footage from the drone is observed in real time. Usually, FPV footage is viewed on a smartphone.
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
    This is a navigation system and most UAVs come equipped with it. GPS makes it easy to always have an accurate idea of the drone’s location. The positioning system also allows for the return home functionality.
  • Drone Camera With a Gimbal
    A gimbal is a support system that allows an object to remain horizontal regardless of the motion around it. It keeps the camera in the same position regardless of the motion of the drone, resulting in greater quality videos and pictures.

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Shop Drones For Video & Pictures by DroneHiss.com

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Shop Drones For Video & Pictures by DroneHiss.com

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